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Business Must be Ready: Services will begin at the time of your appointment. Any food preparations, coordination of employees, and/or anything that may prevent service from beginning on time must be prepared beforehand. If these changes need to be made, it will account for time on site and may cause the quantity of images and / or videos in subscription package to be reduced.

Cancellation Policy: Appointments canceled less than 7 days prior to scheduled time will lose their credit. You can request a refund of services 72 hours after purchase. 

Licensing Agreement: Customers of Accelerating Business Solutions Inc., DBA Keep On Adapting, are paying for a "Marketing Service" and are purchasing Marketing Services. Therefore, the customer does not own the photographs, videos, and other marketing content. Videos and photos may not be given or re-sold to be used by someone else. 

By booking an appointment you are agreeing to the terms below. 

I understand the following

Scheduled Social Media Posts: Accelerating Business Solutions Inc. will give the (customer) 7 days to review the months scheduled posts. During that time, the (customer) can review content for factors such as spelling errors, accuracy, quality of posts, and brand image. If the (customer) wants a post to not be posted, they must contact Accelerating Business Solutions during that 7 day period. If the (customer) fails to do so, the posts will begin to automatically be posted for the next 30 days or agreed upon time. In certain circumstances such as posts that are requested by the (customer) to be rushed, this will not apply. A rushed post is considered to be 7 days or under. If the (customer) requests the post to be published within 7 days, they wave their right to approve the posts, which isn't limited to but includes spelling, content, accuracy, quality of the post, brand image. Please note, some posts may repeat from month to month. Depending on photos and content that is deemed as high-engagement and effective, we may choose to repeat posts throughout the month. 

Time at Location: This time can be up to the given time that is specified for the package. If one purchases a subscription that allows for multiple occurrences on site, one can split this time into increments of 2 hours. For example, if they have a package that includes 4 hours, they could use 2 hours at location one time and the other 2 hours at location another time. If they wish to use all 4 hours at once they can book back to back sessions. Longer time on location does not mean one will be getting a larger amount of photos or video than that are in their subscription plan. More time at location allows for more events to happen and the likelihood of capturing that perfect photo to highlight your business. 

Revision of a Social Post: The customer will have a full 7 days to check over scheduled content. If in the case the seven day limit is over the customer can use one of their revision credits. This will allow them to request changes to a post that has already been pre-scheduled. Each subscription allows for a set amount of revisions. There are extra revision available for purchase in the add-ons. 

12 Hour Rushed Post: A rushed post is a post that is created and posted within 12 hours of receiving full details about requested post. This post may often be a previous post with updated information. For example, you are closing due to a snow storm. We may use a post that we have created in the past about closing early. A post is considered to be one photo posted on Instagram and Facebook. 

Up to 60second Video: A 60s video includes 1 and a half hours of editing. 

Facebook Boost Credit: We will use our analytics and insights to promote what we think is the best content to promote. The customer can request specific posts to be boosted. This must be stated ahead of time. The ad credit will be utilized throughout the month. 

Important Information: Each item expires after 30 days and cannot be carried over from month to month. For example, if you do no use your rushed posts credit for the month of May, you will not get double rushed posts for June. The same goes for photos, posts, videos, etc. The only credit that may carry over is the ad credit. Although this is rare, if due to unforeseen reason your ad credit is not fully spent during your subscription month, it will be able to carry over the difference into the next month. 

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